Keeping the Song in Tune

Adding a daily song to your life. That is what birds bring to our homes. Lawrence Enterprises, Inc. has dedicated itself to providing high quality products to improve their lives in every way. Keeping them healthy, protected, even training them.

Your bird puts a little sound in your day, why not treat them with the best products to keep them singing.

Food and Treat

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    The best care you can give your bird is the special diet that promotes their health and well-being. At Lawrence Enterprises, Inc you can rest assured that you have access to the best products to keep your bird singing. From seed to special recipes you can find all the variety and the best prices anywhere. More importantly, the special attention we give you in making the most of our lines of products.
Caitec offers Oven Fresh Bites an all natural diet for a nutrionally balanced feast with no added sugars coloring or artificial flavors or chemicals. You can read more about this product by viewing the brochure here.
Caitec Bird Treats
Caitec Bird Food

Caitec Bird Foods are formulated for:

    Large Parrot - Purple Bag
    Medium Parrot - Green Bag
    Small Parrot - Blue Bag
    Canary/Finch - Turquoise Bag



    All sizes, shapes, and materials are available from our cages including:

  • A stainless steel model
  • A new unique cage- The bird without "wires"
Caitec Seed Corral

  • We have a catalog over over 300 toys in Wood, Acrylic, and stainless that can ship in just 72 hours.

  • We have an extensive list of perches and ladders

Creative Foraging Systems

Introducing a new foraging products like never seen before. Lawrence Enterprises, Inc. has teamed up with Creative Foraging Systems to give birds a little wild in captivity. This unique system gives not only nourishment, but exercise, and as they work for food you get to experience the process.

Caitec Bird Toys
Caitec Bird Toys

Caitec 2x2 Plan-O-Gram Photo Starter

Caitec PlanOGram
Caitec Ready

Offering a wide array of products for the smallest of family pets.
Click to learn more about their product lines: Caitec Bird Products