Pond Supplies

Lawrence Enterprises, Inc. is committed to offering a full line of products for the personal pond aficionado. From hard and soft shells to a full line of pumps, rocks, lighting, and even lifestock we can help you stock your pond for beauty, for elegance, for the home with a little something extra.

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Waterfalls Accessories Lighting Specialties

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Waterfall Kits

www.pondbuilder.com USA Manufactured Products

Cascade Falls Kits

A "Pondless" Waterfalls Kit

7" Skimmer Box

Item Number PB1311

Serenity Waterfall Box

Item Number PB1151

Serenity Skimmer Box

Item Number PB1304

Clear Water Pumps

Manufactured in Italy.

Solid Handling Pumps

Manufactured in Italy.

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Pond Building Accessories

Pondbuilder.com Cover
Pondbuilder.com Formal Falls
Pondbuilder.com Bubbling Rocks
Pondbuilder.com Ceramic Vase
Pondbuilder.com New Products 1
Pondbuilder.com New Cover 2

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Solar Pond Spotlight Rocks

Equipped with four Brilliant Super Bright Natural White LEDs, this Solar Powered Rock bursts out an intense floodlight beam onto any targeted garden plant or bush. It brightens up your garden and adds warmth and beauty to your home. In the day this authentically crafted rock adorns the garden nicely. Built with heavy duty and durable poly-resin. Auto Dusk-To-Dawn mode and rechargeable battery included.

Solar Lighted Flowers

Our authentically crafted "Solar Tulips" bring your garden to life. They adorn your garden by day and brighten the path by night. Trio of tulips in amber, white, and red are anchored by a durable hand painted polyresin stone. The extra sturdy, powder coated metal "stems" stake into the ground. A mini yet powerful solar cell collects solar energy until the sensor turns on the LED light at dusk. Ideal for use on walkway or garden path. These environmentally friendly "Solar Tulips" make an inviting theme to any garden. AAA rechargeable battery included.

Solar Stepping Stone

This solar powered stepping stone adds a great value to each home. Accents the garden by day and creates an illuminated pathway by night. Four super bright amber LEDs in each stone ignite a cozy light show at night. Elegantly crafted while built with heavy duty and durable poly-resin. Supports up to 250 lbs. Auto Dusk-To-Dawn mode and rechargeable AA battery included.

Solar Path Light

Available in several styles this "Belmont" solar light has a most inviting design. Incorporated with an exclusive super bright technology, the lamp brightens up any yard or pathway for 12 h-ours when fully charged. With a wide angle super bright natural white LED and special optically designed lens, our “Belmont” emits magically super bright light. Constructed of stainless steel. Auto Dusk-To-Dawn mode and rechargeable AA battery included.

Solar Pond Decor

In line with the beautiful lighted flowers is a collection of lighted pond decoration in the shape of animals. Available in a variety of shapes including squirrel, rabbit, turtle, snail, and frog.

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